Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thought had control (over smart devices) via ActiveSync, but found out that’s not entirely true. How is that?

I was at a big IT products company recently and was talking to the IT head and his philosophy is that he doesn’t want to allow smart devices be it phones or tablets or phablets into the system other than accessing emails. He is using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for the same and he felt very safe to do so and he has put a lot of controls via EAS including passcode restriction and no access to intranet or internet and even wipe out if the device is lost, and he felt is enough for now and everything is secure for now.

But he was shocked to learn that some of the employees were accessing all emails and clubbing them and their personal emails into one inbox and not sure whether they had bypassed all security that he had set and wasn’t even sure whether it was true and was worried. Worried also about if they have bypassed security and if any device is lost, he cannot possibly wipe out the device and the email data and the attachments (which are very sensitive in nature) might get onto wrong hands.

I met him at this juncture and he was a worried man and I had to explain how devices can be rooted and jailbroken easily and install apps which can access emails and easily bypass all restrictions.................. 

Manjunath M Gowda
CEO, i7 Networks Agentless BYOD Control”, @i7networks

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