Monday, December 24, 2012

NAC: how does it work and how is it relevant to BYOD?

With the proliferation of BYOD (bring your own device), IT’s scope has been redefined and a new movement has taken place what is called the consumerization of the IT wherein 3rd party apps being used to access corporate resources and more & more consumers are making decisions on the apps and the device rather than the IT. Today IT’s primary concern is gearing towards security and integration of these apps and devices into company ecosystem.

IT needs to give a complete holistic approach for the network security due to the advent of BYOD onto enterprise network. Organization need to consider all parts of the BYOD ecosystem including following the device as well as following the information. IT needs to be sure that devices used by the employees meet company security policies and standards before connecting to the corporate network. IT should ensure the integrity and secure configuration of endpoint devices. IT should also secure the network by controlling access to resources based on pre-established corporate policies. Once the devices are taken care of, IT needs to look at apps. It needs to make sure that the apps being used over the corporate network are trusted, tested and internally vetted for security.

The integrity and secure configuration can be done via MDMs where in a client is installed on the device (privacy intrusion method) or a manual or a semi auto registration (laborious and need to be repeated and prone to error) or newer non-intrusion of privacy method which we call agentless method can also be used. 

Manjunath M Gowda
“Got BYOD? Get control…agentless”

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