Sunday, December 23, 2012

7 Tips to ensure security for allowing BYODs onto Enterprise network

BYOD security is still in its infancy and will consolidate over a period of time and until then one needs a multitude of security offerings to make sure the corporate IT infrastructure and the corporate data on the BYOD themselves are secure. While the security tools move towards maturation and standardization, one can still allow BYODs on the enterprise network to reap the rich benefits they bring along. Below are some of the tips which will ensure good security measures to allow BYOD to ply on the enterprise network.

Tip #1: Develop an acceptable use policy
Create an acceptable user policy addressing base-lining of devices to be allowed, rules on what can be accessed along with clear corporate expectations about corporate data on personally owned devices (BYODs). Have tools that ensure that base-lining is enforced and also that ensures tiered access to corporate data, servers and databases based on the device. Ensure again that no jail-broken or rooted devices are not allowed on the network and have tools that ensure that. Also address privacy issues of employees explaining how the solution being implemented will in no way track or log the employee online behavior or location during their non-office hours or when away from the office.

Tip #2: Educate users.


Manjunath M Gowda
“Got BYOD? Get control…agentless”

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