Saturday, August 11, 2012

Network Bandwidth Hazard: How to control Olympic Traffic Outbreak at your Enterprise?

Network Bandwidth Hazard: How to control Olympic Traffic Outbreak at your Enterprise?

2012 Olympics Statistics shows 302 events, 46 world championships over a period of 17 days. Probably tomorrow is the last day and guess most enterprises especially network managers and CIOs will be leaving sigh of relief!! Statistics across the world show that there were bad bandwidth clogs across, and worse it affected productivity by a large extent. Sample this, last Sunday broadcasters from the BBC had trouble tracking GPS signals from cyclists due to an overloaded communication network.

There are 100s of articles all over the internet on how Olympics will affect your bandwidth and some to mention are Why the London Olympics could lead to internet outages and preparing your business for games.   

This does not end with Olympics or began with Olympics. Remember the March madness bandwidth clog in the US over the NCAA tournament. This will continue with say NBA in the US or even IPL cricket matches over here in India or the football (Soccer). This won’t remain just with sports live streaming but will all sorts of streaming that is going to happen in the future. Just imagine a bunch of people decided to stream live an IPL match, the result will be network slowdown to network clog that could cripple company-wide productivity.

You as an enterprise need to decide to do the right action, first find the analytics of what is happening on your bandwidth and who is using what and how much and who/what/how are responsible for the choke. Once decided, you need to find what to allow and what to throttle and what to stop. Anyways here are three simple steps for ensuring that your network stays healthy, fast, secure and your company productive

1.   Make sure you have a monitoring tool like i7’s EagleEye that measures the bandwidth capacity and performance and provides complete metrics on what is happening in real time

2.   Put protocols and policies in place that prioritizes high-importance business critical network traffic and limits or throttles bandwidth requests for non-business traffic.

3.   Educate your employees on internet security.  Events like the Olympics provide major opportunities for hackers to lure employees into traps. (I7’s EagleEye provides a complete logging for forensics)

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