Monday, August 13, 2012

How a BPO or a KPO can immensely benefit from Network bandwidth Analytics and Live reporting

How a BPO or a KPO can immensely benefit from Network bandwidth Analytics and Live reporting

This is more of a personal experience of what we saw and how our tool i7 EagleEye can help BPO, KPO and other such ITES companies where there is a need for superior analytics & metrics, for need of real time live data, for regulation and for compliance purpose and to make sure that data does not leak the premises in any way  – the complete analytics and of course both live/real time and also for retrospective analysis (for Forensics – in case there was a leak and to see where and how and who did it).

Typically they have a shared environment where all terminal servers and dumb terminals are connected to a server and are used by multiple people in shifts and also people need to log into them using user. In this kind of a shared setup, metrics and forensics and reporting based on user-id which becomes super critical more than IP based reporting. Due to the nature of business and the criticality and the sensitivity of the data on which they work, a very strict monitoring is required and they love live real time analysis, graphs and charts and complete log of bandwidth usage & other 100+ metrics per user basis and also per IP basis as well as application basis too. Also if some leak of data does happen, they also do need a thorough forensics analysis from the logged data from whatever time frame to whatever time frame they wish or the time frame when such a leak happened. They don’t usually allow any social media or video streaming or any such access nor any smartphones or tablets but employees always find a new way in today’s world to access and the company IT wants a tool which can even track such a breakage or even attempts to such access.

In almost all enterprise setups (and most typical enterprise setups across the industry & verticals) to make sure that you don’t depend on just one internet connection or provider (fail over and high availability), you have multiple connections from multiple vendors which are aggregated via a WAN Aggregator. Enterprises like to see metrics such as bandwidth usage per vendor basis, per connection, separate dashboard for each connection, their utilization reports, etc. which helps them to do projections, sizing, scaling (up or down) for budgeting & capacity planning and is something i7 EagleEye will provide. This helps them tremendously to plan their new bandwidth allocation as they grow and also to allocate budgets in their financial planning.

EagleEye will also providing the new gen analytics which includes recognition and bandwidth usage of all smartphones, tablets including per user basis which includes all of iPhones, iPads, android based smartphones, tablets etc. Also provides complete usage of video bandwidth with sub-categories such as how much bandwidth was used by educational videos versus entertainment videos versus say sports etc. Another dimension that we are adding is the support of live streaming and reporting with sub-classification of the same as we are doing for video.

New generation firewalls do give reports but they cannot give 100+ metrics in such a granular level and also cannot give live in real time reports but these are what the BPOs, KPOs and such ITES companies like to see. Of course it is not prudent to expect firewalls to report at such a granular level as firewalls are meant to do firewall work and one needs to get a specialized device which are meant for those activities.

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