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8 IT Lessons Learned From the 2012 Summer Olympics & the value of Network Bandwidth Analytics

8 IT Lessons Learned From the 2012 Summer Olympics & the value of Network Bandwidth Analytics

The title is same as the one which got recently published in the . It was a great article and let me summarize the same and explain how it will play out in the future and explain how bandwidth analytics will play a huge role in the days to come and how i7 networks product i7 EagleEye can actually take advantage of it.
1. Business Intelligence Can Expose Data in New Ways
Analytics can help viewers predict who might win the bronze, silver or gold for an event. It is the convergence of social networking with business intelligence captures the power of crowds to speed decisions.

 2. Keep an Eye on Networks during Online Broadcasts

One employee watching a high-definition stream of the Olympics can consume as much as 30 percent of a T1 line. These attributes adds to the direct cost of the bandwidth to the company. This is going only north now. This year YouTube channel alone views doubled to 53 million. Think how future will be? Can you imagine who needs a network bandwidth analytics tool? Pretty much every enterprise, irrespective of its size or location, and pretty much every household too in the very near future.

3. Social Networking Can Cripple GPS Services

During one event in London, fans tweeting about a bicycle race interfered with network operations. The interruption meant broadcasters could not provide GPS-enabled information about the speed and location of the riders. Network experts believe that this problem could have been prevented using network management software that puts a specific limit to activity on a particular website (including Twitter). For CIOs, the lesson is in making sure there is a contingency plan to keep a network up and running.

4. Stress-test Your Website With the Cloud

Simulations can help prevent disasters on the networks and bandwidths. London Olympic Organizing Committee used cloud testing software to simulate up to 1 billion people accessing the site from every country across the globe. This kind of stress test is going to be norm very soon and those who have invested in it, there lies a billion dollar opportunity for you.

5. Plan for Mass Deployments and Training

Stress test alone won’t do it but needs to test with various network devices and all sorts of devices like ipads, iphones, other smartphones, tablets, laptops etc etc With a array of devices all network enabled, such a test is a must and again analytics w.r.t different devices becomes paramount.

6. Protect Lost or Stolen Devices

Such an event can result in hundred thousands of devices being lost and this is happening irrespective of such large events and most phones, tablets etc lost are business related and encryption of data, DLP , locating stolen/lost devices – such services and products suddenly will also become an billion dollar opportunity. Protecting just the network endpoints alone will not suffice but data needs to be protected too.

7. Avoid Potential High-Profile Scams

Major events such as this Olympics breed major scamming efforts and people can fall prey to new social engineering attacks. Anyone working on such solutions has huge opportunities. Yet again bandwidth analytics can play a huge role here if it can categorize such attacks and even log it for forensics. 

8. Beef Up Data Center Capacity

Before any such a high-profile event make sure your data center can handle the onslaught. Data centers need to be high availability, multi region, multi site and such data centers will be of high demand in days to come.

i7 EagleEye can provide not only complete usage statistics of the bandwidth but also 120 other parameters with a customizable dashboard , alerts setting, both real time and retro analysis and reports. Very soon complete user based info (we already do IP based) along with device based info (be it smartphones like iPhone, androids etc. or tablets like iPads) with complete video classification to very granular sub-classification will be provided (in the next release). With EagleEye we can take a stab at 1, 2 & 3 above.

Manjunath M Gowda, i7 Networks 

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